Strategic Consultancy

Strategic Consultancy Services 

are available to our clients independently from event planning and management assignments. We are therefore available to assist clients on a very specific aspects of event service requirements on a consultancy basis. As an example, we have rendered the following consultancy services for local and international clients:

  • Representation on event management committees for strategic and operational advice
  • Event risk management planning
  • Event project planning
  • Event due diligence (assessing scope of host responsibilities, financial liabilities and the mapping of a process for planning and managing the event)
  • VIP co-ordination services for members of foreign royal families, first ladies, heads of multilateral agencies, local dignitaries including the President, members of Cabinet and other high profile individuals
  • Event supplier and procurement services, including due diligence and request for proposal management
  • Program management, including abstract management, coordinating and briefing speakers

Some examples of operational consultancy services include:

  • On-site registration support services, including the provision of temporary registration and hostess staff
  • On-site speaker management services, ensuring the speakers arrive on time and that their presentations are properly managed
  • Media centre management, including the preparation of media accreditation, media packs and on-site support with interviews
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