Event Business Development

Conference Consultancy South Africa had the privilege to consult to high profile clients, locally and internationally, on a variety of event planning and management services. Our flagship consultancy service is Event Business Unit Development, see service description below. Our range of consultancy services include, but are not limited to:

Event Business Unit Development Consultancy. 

We can assist your organisation or company with the establishment of an in-house event management unit by identifying your specific requirements, developing and driving the processes to create this self sufficient new unit within your organisation. We have set-up a successful event management unit at a major private higher education institution that now plan and manage macro international conferences fully independently. We provide the following support services in this regard:

  • Due diligence of your (the client’s) event management requirements
  • Design a structure that will meet these event management requirements and that integrates with your own organisation or company
  • Provide staff orientation and training on aspects of conference unit administration, promotion and event management
  • We provide all the tools required by an event coordinator and manager today to manage this unit and the business of event management
  • A mentor-ship service for as long as the client requires guidance (Our aim is however to move towards self-sustainability as soon as possible)
  • This service is provided in such a manner that it enhances the business development initiatives of this new Unit
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