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“Bringing the world to your events & taking your events to the world”

We have all heard the Buzz words  “Hybrid Events“, “Digital Events“, “Webcasting” and “Live Streaming” but what is all the Buzz about ? Is it worth the Hype ? What is a Digital Event or Hybrid Event? What is their purpose, value and benefits ? How can a Digital Event or Hybrid Event be applied in today’s Conferences,Events and Meetings Industry?

If these are some of the questions you are asking yourself don’t worry  We can confidently say we know the answer and can assist you in taking your digital strategy forward.

What is a Digital Event?

Digital Events are a live event produced using a virtual platform accessible over the internet.There are many different variations of Digital Events such as Hybrid Events which is a combination of a physical event and a digital event happening simultaneously.

Whether its Hybrid Events, Live Streaming, Webcasting, Virtual Exhibitions and Trade Shows we understand and know how what it takes to Plan, Create and Measure Digital Events.

Why would you have a Digital Event?

Some of the many benefits organisations, associations, government, corporate’s and academia get from digital events include:

  • Extend the reach of your event
  • Extend the life of your event
  • Increase face to face participation
  • Expand brand Awareness or education
  • Reduce costs and grow revenue

Digital Events is a tool which forms part of a long term engagement strategy to achieve a goal and we help you achieve that goal.

What We Do:

ConfSA Digital make Digital and Hybrid Events happen! Just like a face-to-face event would need an organiser a Digital Event needs a “Digital Organiser” and that’s what we do.

  • Plan, Strategy, management, implementation
  • Create, design, produce, engagement, experiences
  • Measure, report, tracking, lead generation, ROI

We are the 1st company in South Africa to offer a full Digital Event Management Solution and Service.We have the first and only certified Digital Event Strategist in Africa.

We are here to assist you with your Digital Events. From Live Streaming to Full Hybrid Events, we work with you to define the objectives and then create the event to reach those objectives.


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