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Stay informed about the latest trends in the event industry, meeting design and industry relevant topics through our series of workshops and earn CEU’s (Continuing Education Units).

We offer the following workshops:

  • International Masterclasses
  • Local Masterclasses
  • Event Architecture Workshop

We offer event management competence development workshops that aim at transferring skill, experiences and sharing practical tools used in event planning and management today.

What some participants have said

  • “Brilliant! Exceeded expectations”
  • “Extremely valuable and informative, would recommend it anytime”
  • “Hugely beneficial, not only in knowledge gained, but experience shared. Many thanks”
  • “Personal attendance and intimate interaction made the workshop special- well deliberated because of small group.”
  • “Already recommended to people! This was WOW. I’ve learnt a lot and excited to implement this immediately at work.”
  • “The tools presented were user friendly. The workshop has definitely increased my knowledge on events. Recommendable!”
  • ” Informative, impressive. It was evident how desperately needed it is to all players in South Africa and industry. Amazingly done Pieter!”
  • “Mind-blowing experience. Will definitely recommend attendance to both colleagues and clients especially those who have just started PCO business”
  • “I would definitely recommend this programme, based on its professional, hands-on information sharing. The presenter was excellent, group interaction, motivated, knowledge gained beneficial.”
  • “Awesome workshop very informative and engaging- definitely recommend this to others that are interested in this field or are managing projects on behalf of Associations- Must Attend Event! Baie Dankie!! Thank you so much enjoyed every moment”

Upcoming Events:

Event Architecture™ Strategic Event Management Workshop

Is the premier educational product on the subject of strategic event management and the only workshop of its kind in South Africa and African continent. It has been custom designed for the local events industry and is constantly updated as a high impact short course that provides a strategic perspective on event management in addition to tactical approaches and for sharing the latest event management instruments.

Have you ever wondered why we do the things we do? What are the opportunities for innovation? Do we work smart or do we work hard? What is our value proposition? The answers to these questions are locked up in the strategic insights that will be explored in this workshop.

Workshop Modules:

(More than 100 tools and reference documents included on Dropbox)

The Workshop content is aligned with Convention Industry Council International Standards (CIC IS) and covers 90% of the CIC IS domains of which 80% is at strategic level.


Chapter 1 – Introduction to Strategic Event Management

Exploring the concept of strategic event management and the factors that impact event design for achieving the desired outcomes.

Convention Industry Council International Standards, Domain A, 2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)


Chapter 2 – Event Psychology

Neuro-sciences are playing a very important role in strategic event management today. This is about the creation of expectations and then living up to them. We are also exploring the role of new design elements such as emotions and the impact of sensory experiences in strategic event management.

(Convention Industry Council International Standards, Domain G, 1.5 CEUs)


Chapter 3 – Roles of the Organiser 

In strategic event management, the role of an organiser has evolved into that of a business events strategist. Discover what this means and what vocations you need to understand before you are considered ‘complete’ professional.

(Convention Industry Council International Standards, Domain E, 1 CEU)


Chapter 4 – Event Trends

Exploring the various trends that influence event management and how this impacts events strategically. We look at the delegate of the future, communication, learning needs, apps, set-ups and experience creation.

(Convention Industry Council International Standards, Domain G, 1 CEU)


Chapter 5 – Event Management Terminology (400 page dictionary)

We all work in the same industry, yet we continue to use different words to describe the same thing and then wonder why we didn’t get what we asked for. Do we really understand the meaning of certain words we choose when naming events? We will share an event industry specific dictionary containing more than 3,000 words pertinent to event management.

(Convention Industry Council International Standards, Domain J, 0.5 CEU)


Chapter 6 – The Event Specification Guide (with template examples)

How do we prepare and brief the on-site event crew and service departments on every single detail of the event? With an ESG. This is the event blue print. What does it look like and what information should it contain, who gets it and when?

(Convention Industry Council International Standards, Domain H, 0.5 CEU)


Chapter 7 – Event Project Management (with project plan examples)

This is a core component for successful event assignments. We explore the essentials for understanding project planning in the context of event management with practical solutions for both processes and instruments.

(Convention Industry Council International Standards, Domain B, 1.0 CEUs)


Chapter 8 – Financial Management of Events (with strategic budget example)

How does a strategic budget differ from the normal way we budget for event assignments, and what is the impact of such a budget on our planning and operations? These tools took us more than six month to develop and we will share it with workshop participants.

(Convention Industry Council International Standards, Domain D, 3 CEUs)


Chapter 9 – Event Management Structure (with diagram) 

How do we design the project teams and assign roles and responsibilities and how do we create reporting lines. These are all important considerations for decision making, planning and smooth operations.

(Convention Industry Council International Standards, Domain B, 0.5 CEU)


Chapter 10 – Event Stakeholder Management (with tools) 

Who are the event stakeholders, how do we identify and engage with them? We demonstrate an easy to use tool for listing and categorising event stakeholder management and engagement.

(Convention Industry Council International Standards, Domain F, 0.5 CEU)


Chapter 11 – Event Risk Management (with tools) 

Very little is available in the industry about event project risk management. We have designed a tools that is been audited by corporate risk management professionals which is shared in this workshop. We explore the risk management domains applicable to event management assignments, the categorisation, measurement and controls thereof.

(Convention Industry Council International Standards, Domain C, 0.5 CEU)


Chapter 12 – Crises Management at Events 

We explore the meaning of a crisis, the causes, the response and opportunities for positive outcomes. This is a new module and one of the most exciting additions to the workshop. The outcome of this module may not what you anticipate it to be – there is hope and there is light!

(Convention Industry Council International Standards, Domain C, 0.5 CEU)

Event Architecture Essential – Tools and Techniques for Event Planning

The Event Architecture Essential Workshop is a practical two day competence development programme about the very basic principles and techniques of event management, whether for business meetings, corporate functions, gala events and conferences.

This Workshop is for:

People who are fairly new in the event planning management profession and for those who get event planning and management assignments over and above their regular day to day responsibilities. The following people will benefit from attending this workshop:

  • Personal Assistants & Executive Secretaries.
  • Administrative Assistants & Officers.
  • Communication Interns & Officers.

Workshop Content:

The workshop will be presented in 7 sessions of 1.5 hrs each and will consists of presentations, interactive exercises and practical demonstrations. The following modules are focus areas in the presentations on how to:

  • Define objectives and create deliverable’s that will meet the predetermined event outcomes.
  • Design the event to meet the expectations of all stakeholders.
  • Determine the project tasks, prioritise and assignments.
  • Cost an event and develop a draft budget.
  • Communicate information to the different stakeholders.
  • Identify and mitigate event risks.
  • You will also learn about the various responsibilities of an event planner and manager and the qualities needed to be successful.

Also included:

  • Professional presentations by highly experienced event managers.
  • Various tools to assist event planners with the organising of events from start to finish.
  • A workshop reference manual.
  • Tea, coffee and refreshments on arrival, mid morning and mid afternoon lunches.

For more information please contact

Kyle Smith
T: 012 349 2301
E: kyle@confsa.co.za

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