Bid Proposal

International Conference Host Bid Proposal Development.

We provide this comprehensive co-ordination service free of charge to prospective and current clients. We draw on our relationships with tourism authorities, the local bureau, the designated venue and relevant stakeholders to produce an international conference hosting proposal that will compete with the best in the world. Some successful bids (Conferences awarded to South Africa) that we have produced on behalf of clients include:

  • United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development 2002 (WSSD) – The World’s largest conference.
  • World Petroleum Congress 2005
  • World Congress on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion 2006
  • International Self-Care Deficit Theory Congress 2006
  • International Internal Audit Conference 2009
  • Solar World Congress 2009
  • Agriculture Biotechnology International Congress 2011
  • 3rd World Social Science Congress 2015
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